Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

I've been lagging in my blogging duties lately. I'd apologize, but why should I? It's my blog, and I will write when I want to! Hmmph!

Anyway, I've decided to list some things I'm still waiting for, as of today:

1) A military draft
2) Government goons to show up at my door to make sure I'm a patriotic American
3) The ozone layer to expand and fry me alive
4) Liberals to admit that Bush is doing exactly WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO. Evidently,
Liberals have a problem with someone who actually sticks to his word...
5) OJ to find the real killers. Last I heard, he had ruled out all golf courses in Florida.
6) Alec Baldwin to move to Canada. (Oh, wait-- see #4 above. Silly me!)
7) "Air America" to be the bastion of free thought and salvation of the repressed Liberal
minority that it marketed itself as. Either the Liberals are still being repressed,
or the commentators suck. With ratings just under 2%, you draw your own conclusions.
8) A hybrid vehicle that doesn't look like a rejected Hot Wheels car.
9) That "devastating" hurricane that global warming has been purported to be causing
10)Antarctica to become a popular beach destination
11)A Star Wars prequel worth the admission price
12)Al Franken to just go away. Far away. REEEEEAAAAAL far away.
13)OPEC to admit that they have us by the you-know-what's and that they can charge
whatever they want, whenever they want, for however long they want, for whatever
REASON they want. After all, what the heck else our we gonna use to fuel our vehicles?
14)Bill Clinton to tell me what the definition of "is" is.
15)The religious brainwashing that Liberals are so convinced is happening in our public schools.
16)Peregrin Wood to accept my challenge pertaining to #15. Oh wait- again I'm reminded of

Monday, March 21, 2005

Still No Response

As of today, no response from Peregrin Wood. Shame, I was hoping to show him the error of his faulted views on the "threat" of religion in public schools.

Maybe he saw the light- only in a metaphorical sense, of course. I certainly wouldn't want to offend Peregrin with any religious insinuation...

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Interesting View Of The U.S.

A fellow RateBeerian, cathcacr, posted an interesting summary of the current situation the U.S. finds itself in right now with the rest of the world (the ungrateful portion, that is):


Quoting in full, NOT MY WORDS, a post from Usenet:
> That is an evasion. You neither accept nor reject my assertion. And I
> am not blaming US for everything , only for being complicit in the rise
> of the Taliban. I am a great admirer of the US in general , by the way,
> and this critque is not from the leftist point of view.

I’ve heard it all before, for years now, from hundreds of people--we just don’t even listen anymore: "I love denim jeans and Coca-Cola, and I don’t even disapprove of your destruction of Hitler, I merely condemn [insert whatever the current or recent US action is]." And it’s *always* "I’m not a leftist, but the leftists have a point when they say [insert mindless leftist dogma]." "You have to look at 9/11 from the freedom fighters’ point of view." Etc. etc. Guess what? Your critique is full of shit. You’re saying that it is the United States’ fault that the Afghani people destroyed Afghanistan. You know what? It isn’t. For all x, when x destroys x, it is x’s fault that x destroys x. Next question. Be worried: people like you have driven us over the brink, and now we really *don’t* fucking care what happens in the rest of the world except insofar as it furthers our interests. A century of hectoring, whining and ingratitude, with 9/11 to cap it off, has made us mad, has made us change our tune. We have decided that we might as well be the big bad fucking monster, since that’s how we’ll be regarded anyway. Think I’m just some crank on Usenet? Yeah, me and millions others like me put someone just like me in the fucking White House. Now you and your whining billions will just have to deal with it. "

-end quote-

Interesting, is it not?

Friday, March 18, 2005

Good Heavens!

A blogger on Irregular Times, Peregrin Wood, insists that the religous right is infecting the fragile minds of innocent school children through mandatory prayer, mandatory recognition of God and Jesus, and host of other nonsensical, hallucinatory allegations that are, I suppose, intended to rally the Liberal troops against the Evil Conservative Nazi Movement.

I think he's full of (slang term for poo poo).

I am a teacher.

I work in a public school.

I know what goes on in a public school, and I sure as hell know that delegating religion to school children is a no-no. I know that teachers have more (and better) things to worry about other than what religion Johnny is or isn't.

To put it frankly, most teachers could give a (slang term for poo poo) what religion their students are or aren't. I know I could care less.

We are adult professionals, Peregrin. We have more integrity than to worry over what school children do or don't do on Sundays.

Maybe it disturbs you, Perry, but not those of us with a life.

Bring it on.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Writer's Block

I seem to be having an acute case of the phenomenon known as "writer's block." Ideas abound in my brain, yes, but they seem to be lost in transit somewhere along the path to my fingers... Maybe it has something to do with my heroin habit, which has resurfaced threefold since last week. I dunno.

Anyway, I've heard every remedy under the sun for this "disease," from the "just write it out" solution to the "stop writing for awhile" offering. I've even considered kicking the heroin habit, but then the shakes comeback after about 15 minutes and well, let's just say I'm not ready to go cold turkey just yet.

So, here I sit feeling like my brain is all full of useless mush (what other kind is there?) and I have nothing to say, nothing to argue, and even if I did, seemingly no way of expressing anything remotely coherent. Even my posts to Irregular Times , that bastion of liberal thought that I love to play around with, have suffered. Not that I ever offered anything earth shaking before, but now the soil seems especially sedentary. Perhaps this will pass; perhaps I am losing what little literary talent I had before this onset.

Then again, maybe I need to reprioritize my life. Maybe I need less technology and more nature. Maybe more time reading a book instead of a computer screen. After all, my life before the internet wasn't much different than my life now-- except I actually had to work to obtain information instead of a quick Google search on any topic I choose. Now, it seems because of this newfangled ability to retrieve information, I have become lackadaisical in my pursuit of knowledge- even slighty atttention deficit, if you will. (Gosh, I hate that term.) Maybe I never really had any ability at all to learn. Maybe I'm stupid after all.

Maybe this self-flagellation is good, maybe it's bad.

Maybe I need more sleep.

Maybe a deal with the Devil (it worked for Robert Johnson and Green Day, right? Well, at least the former had real talent to start with; the latter, well, let's just say there may have been some, ahem, *sexual* favors thrown into the deal. "American Idiot?" Look in the mirror, guys.)

Maybe I need to move West, like Colorado or Arizona or even the Texas Hill Country or Trans-Pecos region.

Maybe I need a new job. Anyone in the aforementioned areas hiring? Huh? Are you?

Time will tell, I s'pose.

Monday, March 14, 2005

I'm Back

After a week on vacation, I return to my seat at the helm of truth (or at least my version of it). Just found out that Pat, from Brainster's Blog, has added me to his blog roll. Coool! Thanks, Pat!

I spent a week camping and hiking, without (more or less) a cell phone, a newspaper, a weather report, a television, and internet/email.

I didn't really miss any of them, to tell you the truth. I could've gone a lot longer without them. But, here in the real world, we all have bills to pay and a job to do. Maybe that is the function of a vacation-- to make one appreciate the simple things in life, to allow one to really prioritize the importance of enjoying what God has given us versus what society has bestowed upon us.

Maybe there IS something better than having the latest gadgets or the newest vehicle. Maybe in the end, all we really need is food, water, and a place to sleep at the end of the day.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

MoveOn Should Do Just That

MoveOn.org, an exercise in failure.

Millions of dollars raised, but Bush STILL got re-elected with MORE VOTES THAN ANY CANDIDATE IN HISTORY.
A candlelight vigil to stop a war with Iraq that STILL happened... and resulted in Saddam's overthrow from power AND the first free elections in years AND... oh well. You get the idea.

In Rolling Stone, MoveOn's twenty-four-year-old executive director, Eli Pariser, declared in an e-mail. "We bought it, we own it and we're going to take it back." BOUGHT IT??? And this organization condemns millionaires for "buying" the government? Can you say, "Hypocracy???"

Also, in the same Rolling Stone article: Tom Matzzie, MoveOn's twenty-nine-year-old Washington director, says the ads are aimed at the president, whom he bluntly calls a "son of a bitch."

Wow. That's REEEAL mature there, Matty boy!


Please take your own advice...

Juveniles On Death Row

The Supreme Court has once again let the American people down by denouncing the execution of people who committed murder as juveniles.

The case that constantly comes to mind is the Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena case, where Peter Cantu, 19, and Derrick Sean O'Brien, 19, Joe Medellin, 19, and Raul Villarreal, 18, and Efrain Perez 17 (ages at the time of their crime) brutally raped, beat, and murdered these two INNOCENT girls whose only crime was picking the wrong shortcut home.

These animals lost all rights when they decided to commit this horrible and senseless act. A juvenile is no longer a juvenile when he or she decides to take another human life. Plain and simple.

I made a lot of mistakes as a kid (and as an adult); but I never made the decision to take another human's life. That separates me and millions of other innocent people from these s**theads.

I searched for these thugs' names on the internet to see what I could find. Two of them, Efrain and Raul, have "pen pal" websites that BEG for someone, ANYONE to write them. What a joke. These two pricks have the audacity to cry out for attention when their victims lie buried under the ground because of your deeds???

Funny how life behind bars isn't as glamorous as y'all thought it would be, eh boys? Now that Efrain and Raul are no longer on Death Row, they better be careful in the showers; might want to invest in some soap-on-a-rope...

My heart goes out to the families of Jennifer and Elizabeth; each day is a reminder that their precious girls are no longer able to laugh, learn, and love.

I sincerely hope each and every one those barbarians suffers to the nth degree for the rest of their putrid lives for taking away two beautiful and innocent girls.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A Little Bit O' Humor

From Spacemonkey, at http://imao.us

Indicator You May Be Left Of Liberal By Spacemonkey
10. You never could throw your full support behind John Kerry once you found out his first name is found in the Bible, of all places.
9. One of the few reasons you couldn't bring yourself to assasinate the president is you'd have to actually buy a gun.
8. Your opinions and values carry more weight than those that oppose you, because you care.
7. To save money you bought an effigy of Bush made of asbestos. You later returned it when you realized 'the bush burned with fire, but the bush was not consumed.' is ALSO found in the Bible.
6. You believe the death penalty should be abolished...after it's applied to those that support it.
5. You believe that any news service that doesn't keep 'Bush is EV1L Incarnate' as its lead story is undeniably linked to a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.
4. Four years later and you are STILL protesting outside the Broward County Courthouse for Gore-Lieberman 2000.
3. You have made a sign which you carry to every protest that just says 'NO!'. It's written in your own blood from when you carved 'I'm Sorry, World' on your forehead.
2. You acknowlege the 'Vast Right Wing Conspiracy' exists and is inherently evil but often lose sleep at night worrying there are smaller 'Widespread Right Wing Conspiracies' that need to be stamped out too and aren't getting the attention they deserve.

And the number one Indicator You May Be Left of Liberal....
1 You strongly believe cannibalism is wrong. Not because it takes a human life but because it's...meat.

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