Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Jesus WAS A Liberal!

Thanks to Che, on BlameBush! for the enlightenment.

Of course Jesus was a lybyryl!

His mother had never lain with a man.

His stepfather mounted an ass right before his birth.

He received government subsidies from the three kings from the moment he was born.

He avoided military service.

Recent documents suggest that, while working in construction, he helped found the Local Carpenter's Union after his L&I claims were refused on the grounds that he could just lay hands on himself and be healed.(Side note: The fact that Jesus worked in construction does not mean he would have driven an SUV or pickup. A sheet of 5/8" sheetrock can be carried quite comfortable on top of a Prius at slow speeds. Contractors are expected to be late, anyway.)

He was black like the Clintons.

He was Jewish (But not a Zionist, mind you.) like Babs.

The Jooooos conspired against Him, just like Al Sharpton.

When His friends got the munchies, He was able to turn bread and fish into nachos.

He protected wildlife and healed the leopards, just like Al Gore.

Like Ted Kennedy, He was pulled off amazing feats to avoid drowning.

He made the crippled walk, just like John Kerry.


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